Ladies for Jesusministry desires to inspire and equip all Christian women to deepen our walk with Christ; to devote ourselves wholeheartedly to Him; and to delight in our intimate relationship with Him.


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The important part of our walk with the Lord is our personal relationship with Him.  The Lord wants you to delight in Him and He delights in us when we put Him first in our lives. You are encouraged to develop your relationship with Him by daily talking to the Lord. Below are devotionals and Bible studies to inspire you in deepening your walk with Jesus.

Inspiring the Walk

Bible Studies written by Kelly Dixon for Ladies for Jesus

Christmas Hearts
In this study about the hearts of those God chose to be part of Jesus' birth, Kelly Dixon looks at four hearts - the submissive heart of Mary; the compassionate heart of Joseph; the servant hearts of the shepherds; and the seeking hearts of the Wisemen. This study will leave you with a desire to have these hearts and trust God with not only your salvation, but all of the aspects of your life.

The Book of Revelation
Does the book of Revelation scare you? Do you have a hard time understanding it? Then this is the study for you and your group. In this study, Kelly Dixon links the rest of the Bible with the events in Revelation for a full examination of God's Word. When you are done with this study, you will see the love of Christ shining through Revelation like never before.

Sharing Our Faith
This study aids in having a better understanding of the call the Lord has given to us as Christians and how we will fulfill that call. The call of the Great Commission should not be one we back away from in fear or one we carry around guilt from because we are not fulfilling it. It is a call that we should look at as a way for the Lord to strengthen our faith in Him as we share our faith with others. A call to a life of joy!!o

Princess' Journey: Growing in Discovering God's Will and His True Peace
This Bible study takes a look at the basics of who we are in God's eyes through to our responsibility of  what it means to be a princess of the King of kings. It takes an indepth look at God's Will by breaking it down to the understanding of the parts of God's Will: Intentional, Circumstantial and Ultimate.

Faith: Being Motivated to Obey
This Bible study looks at the different aspects of our faith and how these aspects motivate us to be radically obedient to God.

Leaving Guilt Behind
How often do you commit a sin and then fail to find a way to move past the regret and shame you feel? Most people wrestle with guilt from time to time. Some wrestle with it all the time. This study teaches how to reach for our salvation to its fullest by releasing guilt as God intended.

Devotional Series by Kelly Dixon