Ladies for Jesusministry desires to inspire and equip all Christian women to deepen our walk with Christ; to devote ourselves wholeheartedly to Him; and to delight in our intimate relationship with Him.


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Ladies for Jesus Retreat Topics

Below are topics which we have presented at our past retreats. All of the retreat topics are developed and presented by Kelly Dixon. Kelly motivates the participants to deepen their walk with Jesus by customizing each retreat topic to meet the needs of the specific group and season they are experiencing. Kelly's gift of speaking is combined with the gifts from the members of the Ladies for Jesus Leadership Team to present retreat topics through message, music and motivational activities.

Deeper Immersion: Desiring the better!

  • Theme Scripture:Luke 10:38-42

  • Description: Is it possible that you have deep buried desires which you are holding as idols? Are there desires in your life that keep you from seeking more of God? Desires such as an inner need for acceptance; for recognition; to be loved; to win; to be in control; etc. Whatever it is, if we desire it more than God, then we are holding it as an idol. When we have desires that consume our attention, then we are not placing God first in our lives. God wants to have all of us, not just part, and He wants us to discover the desires that are standing in the way of our fully surrendering to Him. This retreat will explore how to recognize godless desires in our lives and overcome them with Jesus’ strength. By looking at power thoughts that we can adopt in our thought process, we will discover how to desire the better . . . a deeper immersion . . . sitting at the feet of Christ.

Sparkling for Jesus
  • Theme Scripture: Ephesians 5:8

  • Description: Diamonds are beautiful and are the hardest known naturally occurring mineral. However, what most of us like best about the mineral is the way it sparkles. When we are the Christian women God intended us to be, we can sparkle and we can shine as well. Diamonds don't start out beautiful. They are formed in cratons deep in the earth. It's just like when we come to Christ for salvation. We come from deep within sin. Ask any jeweler and they will tell you that one of the characteristics of a diamond is its clarity - involving whether there is the presence of any impurities or inclusions in the diamond. As a Christian, others may not see our impurities or our sins because it may not be visible with the naked eye, but we must remember that for us to really sparkle for Christ we must allow Him to reflect through us. At this retreat we will explore ways we can do just that and bring glory to our Father.

Christ Permeated Relationships: Covered in Christ's Love
  • Theme Scripture: 1 Peter 3:8-9

  • Description: Do your relationships need some CPR? Relating to others is hard!! Sometimes we find ourselves constantly in the midst of confrontations and in need of defending ourselves regularly. Ultimately our feelings get in the way and lead us astray to the end of tearing us apart from the ones we are called to love. As Christians, Christ has called us to be like-minded, sympathetic and loving to one another. We can only do this by clothing ourselves with the love of Christ. This retreat will inspire you to open up your whole self to Christ and the love He so deeply desires to display through you. Join us as we explore what it means to cover ourselves in the love of Christ.

Jesus, Heal My Heart!

  • Theme Scripture: Psalm 147:3

  • Description: Throughout our lives we have relationships that mold our hearts and ultimately affect the way we live. At times these relationships cause us to have broken hearts that only Jesus can heal. We no longer feel the fullness of joy, the completeness of peace, or the overflowing love that Jesus offers. There is a cry from deep within our hearts that we ignore because we don't want to deal with the hurt. However, if we open our heart and allow Jesus to heal it, we can obtain His joy and peace. This retreat will inspire you to open your heart to Jesus and allow Him to nurture your soul. As we explore how to apply the truths of God's Word, we will not only heal our hearts but be empowered to live out our future relationships with the fullness of joy and overflow of love that only comes from Christ.

When life gives you lemons, Count it all Joy!

  • Theme Scripture: James 1:2-4

  • Description: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” A familiar old saying that seems to be such a worn cliché, especially if someone quotes it to us when we are in a great dilemma in our life. Health situations, loss of jobs or something traumatic happening with our family members places such a strain on our lives that we develop blinders and  we feel like we are unable to make lemonade out of or change the situation. However, God does give us the strength to deal with and handle even the most trying of circumstances. We may not be able to stop the lemons from falling or make something better of a situation, but we can be determined to better the way in which we handle those 'lemons'. This retreat inspires you through music, message and the exploration of God’s Word as we discover ways we can count it all joy when we fall into various trials.

Radical Obedience

  • Theme Scripture1 Peter 1:13-16

  • Description: This retreat focuses on how we can be radically obedient to the Lord. As Christians we are called to be holy as God is holy (1 Peter 1:13-16). In this retreat we define radical obedience and how happiness can only be obtained by taking the steps of obedience. A look at who is called to obedience and how we are called is explored along with how we should respond. Faith is looked at in detail as being our motivator of radical obedience and ultimately drawing us closer to God. A cross is used as symbolization of how we should be obedient to the Father as Jesus was when He died on the cross for our sins.

Love Isn't Finished!

  • Theme Scripture: Psalm 126:4-6

  • Description: Using the royalty theme and being princesses, this topic covers our value in God's eyes and how He has a divine purpose for our lives. We review the rewards of being a daughter of the King of kings along with the responsibilities of the title. Fear is discussed as an underline factor of why we don't come close to God and why we don't step out in claiming our position in Christ. We discuss how God's love for is continuing to make us in to what He has planned for us.

The Joy of Serving God

  • Theme ScriptureEphesians 2:10

  • Description: Using the popular song “This Little Light of Mine,” this topic explores all aspects of serving God. Who is called to serve? How are we called? What we are called to do? How should we respond to God's call? In this presentation, we talk about how to have a pure heart for serving, reasons we don't serve, and ways Satan tries to deter us from serving. There are group discussion sessions which allow us to explore God's Word more in regards to this topic.

My Heart's Desire: Learning How to Delight in the Lord

  • Theme Scripture: Psalm 37:4

  • Description: This retreat explores what it means to delight in the Lord and what Scripture is talking about when it says the Lord delights in us. The exploration covers how to delight in the Lord and how we can obtain our desires. The presentation also looks at barriers that keep most women from delighting in the Lord and how we can overcome these barriers. There are group discussion sessions which allow us to explore God's Word more in regards to these barriers.

Seeking God's Face: Discover the Royal Inheritance

  • Theme Scripture: Matthew 6:33

  • Description: This retreat takes an in depth look at God's Will in three parts: Intentional, Circumstantial and Ultimate. The presentation also explores how to discern God's Will on a daily basis beyond discovery of our Spiritual Gifts and divine purpose. There are group discussion sessions which allow us to explore in depth our God given resources that assist us in discerning God's Will. The caterpillar to butterfly concept is used to symbolize God creating us as a new creature through us following God's Will.

Would you like more information about our retreat topics or have a retreat topic idea? 
The Lord continues to motivate us to develop more topics that we can present at our retreats. 
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